Reflections on the CEBHA Workshop on Evidence Based Healthcare in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Another CEBHA workshop for doctors and health personnel was arranged in Addis Ababa 28 – 30 April 2014. The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive and more than 90% of the participants found that the training fully met their needs, that the objectives were suitable, the teaching methods were relevant and effective, the trainers were experienced and enthusiastic and that the level of the training was suitable.

In her closing remarks at the end of the workshop professor Dr Mahlet Yigeremu, Dean of School of Medicine, AAU said: "We have already established a unit for Evidence Based Healthcare at Addis Ababa University. Now we are ready to establish a network among all medical schools in Ethiopia."

   Participants and faciliators at the CEBHA Workshop in Ethiopia, 28-30 April 2014


Quotes from some of the participants:


Dr Obsie Temesgen, Chief resident Internal medicine AAU: "The course has equipped me with skills and new dimensions of looking at scientific papers and on how to integrate evidence in my clinical practice. The most useful part for me was the demonstration on how to filter the vast available resources and narrow it down to what is relevant – and about how to search the databases. I also found the interactive format very interesting, with a focus on our reflection about what was discussed during the training."



Dr Shiferan Negasc
, Ass prof Obst-Gyne, AAU: "I found the participatory and interactive process of teaching very interesting. The training is crucial and timely as the field of medicine is becoming evidence based and up to date. The training helped us not only as active listeners, but also also to practice in classes and at home."



Dr Yared Merid, Medical Microbiologist, Hawassa University, School of Medicine: "The selected topics of the training were very appropriate and useful. I liked the practical exercises of clinical appraisal because during this process most of the topics that were covered during the presentations were raised and consolidated. The discussions helped me learn both from the facilitators and my colleagues. The training was very useful and should be given to all faculty members."