Recent SRs by Sub-Saharan African authors

These systematic reviews by Sub-Saharan African (co-)authors were recently added to PubMed. Click on a title to view the full article details in PubMed. New reviews are automatically added to this page.

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Medugu N, Iregbu K, Iroh Tam PY, Obaro S
Yorke E, Atiase Y
Danwang C, Temgoua MN, Agbor VN, Tankeu AT, Noubiap JJ
Kefale AT, Dadi TL, Biru TT, Mega TA
Ekrikpo UE, Kengne AP, Bello AK, Effa EE, Noubiap JJ, Salako BL, Rayner BL, Remuzzi G, Okpechi IG
Quaglio G, Pizzol D, Bortolani A, Manenti F, Isaakidis P, Putoto G, Olliaro PL
Iro MA, Sell T, Brown N, Maitland K
Lekoane BKM, Mashamba-Thompson TP, Ginindza TG
Olivier B, Naidoo V, Tau M, Quinn SL, Stewart A
Assaram S, Magula NP, Mewa Kinoo S, Mashamba-Thompson TP
Bosu WK, Aheto JMK, Zucchelli E, Reilly S
Tanywe A, Fernandez RS
van Aswegen H, Roos R
Sala TP, Crave JC, Duracinsky M, Bompeka L, Tadmouri A, Chassany O, Cherin P
Gebrie A, Alebel A, Zegeye A, Tesfaye B, Ferede A